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Though we are always serious about our business, we are humorous with our employees, suppliers and clients.
Enjoy – Suggestions and additions are always welcome!



Carsten Gohlke:
“Mistakes are there so you can learn something from them … and if not, they should have had fun at least!”Constantin Quambusch:
“Impossible tasks get prompt attention – miracles need a bit longer!”
“I have no time is the adult version of my dog ate my homework.”

Frank Müller:
“A life without cake is conceivable but not meaningful!”
“There are people who are able to, but do not do it; There are people who do it but are not able to!”

Hagen Quambusch:
“These are all things that I have kept for many years and I am about to throw them away – just two weeks before I need them!”

Sabine Schmauch:
“A moment on your lips – a lifetime on your hips!”

Silke Palczynski:
“Everything will be alright in the end and if it is not alright, then it is not the end!”
“We are all sweet but not made out of sugar!”

Our (team) slogan for the whole ye

“A fool whitewashes a problem that was pointed out by someone else. A smart man seeks an excuse but a wise man reflects silently and avoids a repetition!”


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